Using Call Capture to Increase Profitability in Your Real Estate Business

It’s no secret that the real estate market is going through some rough times, and agents need to look at every available option to get more leads and sales. Profitability is more important now than it has ever been.Many agents are using call capture systems to keep their profitability up, and ensure a steady flow of new business. Call capture systems work on existing phone lines, and provide numerous methods for developing new business. Special extensions are set up for each new property, and callers can be taken through guided audio tours of houses and apartments, given pricing information, and more without actually speaking to a real estate agent.Call capture systems log each call, and don’t interfere with business the way that traditional automated systems sometimes do. If a caller wants to speak to an agent, he or she can do so by quickly hitting a certain extension, but each caller can also access a wide variety of information quickly and easily. This approach quickly translates into better efficiency and profitability, because it cuts several steps out of the process of buying, selling, and marketing a property.All real estate agencies spend a good deal of time finding and developing new leads, cold calling, and knocking on doors to find new sources of business. It’s a necessary part of the business, as without new buyers and sellers, the talent of a particular agent doesn’t make much of a difference. It’s difficult to envision a market without some amount of lead chasing, but call capture can help decrease the amount of time that agents spend on these fairly mundane tasks. The systems track the numbers and general information of callers, providing a list of verified leads that are seriously interested in buying or selling properties.This allows agents to contact and interact with their clients in new ways, as the information provided by a call capture system provides a great way to develop a tailored approach to each sale. Before even picking up the phone to call a lead, an agent knows what types of property that lead is interested in, where the lead currently lives (as the capture system keeps track of phone numbers), and more. Each potential client can be addressed quickly, with a personable approach that motivates them to take action as quickly as possible.All of this means that call capture systems directly lead to more sales, and more commissions for agents and agencies that use them effectively. Less time is spent following up on dead leads, and promising leads are easily prioritized. Real estate agents that use call capture systems can spot weaknesses and strengths in their selling techniques more quickly, and can turn more sales each month.Some agencies have gotten particularly effective at incorporating call capture numbers into their advertising, which allows for a more specialized and effective approach that can be quite engaging to customers. Rather than sit on hold, new customers instantly gain information about homes–at the same time, their information is logged and stored for follow up. A single ad in the right publication can therefore turn over far more leads than it might have with traditional advertising methods. Agencies can also easily determine which advertising efforts are resulting in the most leads, leading to smarter, more balanced advertising investment. As ads are a huge cost in the field of real estate, this further improves profitability by cutting a major expense. Budgeting is easier, and as the call capture systems are themselves a fairly minor cost, they’re absolutely essential for agencies operating on a budget that can’t afford to sacrifice money advocated for advertising efforts.Call capture is certainly an important technology for real estate agents as well as sellers and buyers, and its simple effectiveness is making it a popular new option. The right approach to a call capture system can make it a formidable tool, and when combined with smart advertising and talented agents, it can provide a huge boost to an agent’s profitability almost instantly.